Better Out Than In is a fundraiser starting July 1st 2016, created by our amazing Achiever winner Emily Arps.

Emily has Kartagener’s Syndrome and Bronchiectasis. Kartagener’s syndrome is a rare genetic syndrome that consists of two conditions, Primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD) and Situs InversusBronchiectasis is where the breathing tubes (bronchi) have been damaged, enlarged and scarred. This causes mucus to build up in the extra space, and is a breeding ground for bugs like pseudomonas to colonise.


Emily is a firm believe in the positive impact physical activity has on her health, and will exercise at any opportunity! Some of her favourite activities are mountain biking, kayaking, and walking in the Port Hills. She walks and bikes everywhere, and even sold her car as it wasn't getting any use!

100 Day Challenge

Better Out Than In is all about the importance of physical activity to respiratory health, and challenges people to use their lungs with an exercise challenge for 100 days. 

Emily's challenge is running 750km over 100 days. As Emily describes in her story, exercise is key to managing chronic respiratory conditions, but more research is needed.

“I see the benefits of regular physical activity to my respiratory health (including improved lung function, fewer infections, and fewer hospital stays), and I am motivated to make exercise a part of my everyday life. While I do my best to keep well, I get frustrated with how easily I can become unwell. If I could wish for one medical breakthrough, it would be for a treatment that would eradicate colonised bugs (e.g. pseudomonas)”

Funds raised from Better Out Than In’s 100 Day Challenge will go to the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation to conduct research so that effective action can be taken to improve respiratory health.

Starting on the first of July, participants will have 100 days to complete a physical activity challenge. Your challenge could be anything from walking at least 200kms over 100 days, biking to work at least 3/5 times a week for 100 days, or doing 50 push ups for 100 days!

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