Lung Foundation Australia, in collaboration with the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ) has developed and launched the first-ever pulmonary rehabilitation guidelines for Australia and New Zealand.

The guidelines provide health professionals with evidence-based recommendations for the practice of pulmonary rehabilitation specific to Australian and New Zealand healthcare contexts. The guidelines will assist in delivering practice to improve quality of life and reduce hospital admissions for patients with chronic lung disease.

Written by a team of experienced cardiorespiratory physiotherapists led by Professor Jennifer Alison, the guidelines were first published in Respirology, the official journal of the Asia Pacific Society of Respirology, on Saturday 25 March.

Pulmonary rehabilitation is an evidence-based, comprehensive exercise program provided by specially trained health professionals, such as physiotherapists and exercise physiologists. The program teaches people with lung disease the skills they need to manage their breathlessness, to stay well and out of hospital.

The full Australia and New Zealand Pulmonary Rehabilitation Guidelines are available online at A two-page summary of the key recommendations of is also available which provides a concise version of the guidelines for clinicians and policy makers.

For more information visit or phone 1800 654 301.

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