Erin Simpson

Television personality Erin Simpson has been celebrity ambassador for the Foundation since 2014. Erin has played a great part in raising awareness of asthma and respiratory conditions, and has been an absolutely amazing MC at many of our events. 

A dairy farmer’s daughter from Te Kauwhata, Erin Simpson has recorded well over 1000 episodes of magazine-style infotainment TV shows, including Sticky TV, What Now, The Erin Simpson Show, Operation Hero, Kiwi Living Show and Sky Sport Rugby.

Not one for wasting an opportunity, Erin also commits lots of energy into her passion for art: she has a homeware range currently stocked in 88 retailers around New Zealand.  Every weekend you can also find her yarning away on The Home & Garden Show on Radio Live.

Mayim Hartley

Mayim Hartley

Mayim Hartley (10) is from Palmerston North and has chronic asthma. Doctors have said his lungs are like those of an 80-year-old smoker but this doesn’t stop Mayim from living a healthy and active life, participating in martial arts, parkour, and cross-country activities.

Hisa Sasagi

Hisa Sasagi

Hisa Sasagi is a professional rugby player for the Otago Rugby Football Union. Hisa became an ambassador to inspire people and deliver the message that asthma doesn’t have to hold you back from doing what you love.

Brooke Neal

Brooke Neal

Brooke Neal is a Black Sticks hockey player and represented New Zealand at the 2016 Rio Olympics. She is passionate about having an impact on young people and knows that many children suffer from asthma. See Brooke's website:

Alistair Harsant

Alistair Harsant

Alistair or "Ironman for Asthma" is a chronic asthmatic, but he’s also an Ironman. He’s had a few health challenges but he’s learned ways to manage his condition so he can compete at a high level in a triathlons. Alistair is a long-time supporter of the Foundation, check out his Ironman for Asthma Facebook page or appearance on the Kiwi Living show.

Sarah Chamberlain

Mila And Sakura

Sarah Chamberlain has two beautiful twin daughters Mila and Sakura Montgomery. They were born at 26 weeks gestation, and contracted respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) at four months old. They went on to have a number of hospital admissions for bronchiolitis, and were then diagnosed with chronic lung disease and asthma. Sarah, Mila and Sakura are ambassadors to help raise awareness. 

Derek Gordon

Derek Gordon Circle

Derek Gordon aka Bringwonder the Storyteller is a long-term asthmatic since he was a young boy. This inspired him to start a career as a professional storyteller visiting schools and festivals around New Zealand. Read Derek’s story.

Carol Cooper-Taylor

Carol Cooper Taylor Circle

Originally from the UK, Carol was diagnosed with asthma as a young adult. Increasing difficulties with shortness of breath led to diagnosis in 2006 with COPD. Today is she in stage IV COPD with only 30% lung function. Carol co-authored the book “Don’t Forget To Breathe” a free book for COPD patients and their carers.

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